The military doesn’t stop when temperatures drop. Whether at a base or on the move, soldiers must be equipped with the right gear to combat extreme weather conditions.

Proper equipment must do two key things: prevent serious conditions such as frostbite or hypothermia and allow for uninterrupted mobility without the risk of overheating. If you’re stocked with effective extreme cold weather military gear, you’ll have an edge over any unprepared adversaries in the field.

ADS, Inc. provides equipment, procurement, logistics and supply chain solutions for your cold weather needs. With our custom kits, you’re guaranteed to be outfitted with proven, standardized gear that fits into your current operations.

There are three main categories of cold weather military gear built to protect personnel against even the cruelest of conditions.



At the base of great extreme weather gear is great footwear. With insulated items built for sleep and mobility, protecting your feet is easy.

Merino Wool Over-the-Calf Boot Sock

/// Darn Tough

This sock is designed to provide full leg coverage for extremely cold climates or rugged terrain. As Darn Tough’s warmest sock, it features full terry loop cushioning throughout for maximum warmth.

S2V Insulated Cold Weather Boots

/// Rocky Brands, Inc.

With 400 grams of Thinsulate Ultra Insulation, this Breathable Gore-Tex fabric bootie has Berry-compliant waterproofing.



Your head is one of the most vital areas to protect from the elements.

image of WB FS Balaclava from Outdoor Research
WB FS Balaclava

/// Outdoor Research

Due to the whipping winds and below zero temperatures, the face is often vulnerable to windburn or frostbite if left uncovered. This face covering deflects cold air and wicks away moisture with its fleece. The form fits the entire face, leaving space for most tactical goggles your team may already own.

image of Wild Things White Out Overwhites Helmet Cover
White Out Overwhites Helmet Cover

/// Wild Things

This durable, wind and water-resistant covering velcros easily onto your helmet, offering crucial protection from the elements. The fabric also has an added IR suppressant, providing additional all-around protection.



With your extremities covered, you must ensure the legs and torso are also protected from the elements. Outwear must insulate without adding too much weight and affecting mobility.

Wild Things Whiteout Overwhites Kit

/// Wild Things

Overwhites provide valuable protection when the snow flies or when moving into higher altitudes and across snowpack. Primary concerns are light weight, low bulk and ease of donning and doffing. Pack and body coverage are vital. Wild Things has you covered. Traditional overwhites are made of cotton. Heavy. Hold water. Prone to mildew. Our White Out Overwhites do more than just help you blend into the snow. We use a functional and durable 70-denier nylon fabric in Multicam® Alpine Camo that is abrasion resistant, blocks the wind and is treated with a durable water resistant finish. We also added a near IR suppressant to provide additional protection. *100% Berry Compliant

High Loft Jacket + Pants

/// Wild Things

The Wild Things brand set out to build the finest cold-weather gear. The result? These High Loft Jacket and Pants build for extreme conditions. Their fabric is fully insulated and wind/water-resistant to provide the best-in-class weather protection. Both pieces are lined with PrimaLoft Silver Active insulation–the warmest per ounce synthetic insulation available in the USA. No matter where you are, wind rain or snow, you’re covered in these extreme cold weather military gear.

Cold weather gear for military personnel is essential for protecting against the elements and maintaining an edge. At ADS, we understand how difficult and tedious specialty gear orders can be. That’s why we leverage our diverse supplier relationships to source and integrate a total cost-effective solution.



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