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Our Weapons & Optics Capabilities

Maintain, enhance, or upgrade your weapon platforms with ADS' industry-leading Weapon and Optic (W&O) manufacturing partners. We can meet your requirements while reducing cost by pairing a unique variety of components and accessories with unrivaled procurement and support solutions.


USSOCOM Bolt & Barrel Kit

There's a kit for that.
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Weapons & Optics

ADS Offering L3 Night Vision Device Sustainment Upgrade

Soldier Systems Daily recently met with ADS Inc to discuss their new Night Vision Device Sustainment Upgrade Program with L3. When the Army begins to field the new Enhanced Night…
Weapons & Optics

Laser Simulation Training

TRAINING Training is an investment that goes beyond any individual evolution. Basic training in the military requires regular re-evaluation as new tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) come to light.Because learning…
Weapons & Optics

Optics Technology: Not One Size Fits All

Technology advances have led to more accurate fired and enhanced viewing through long-focus lenses. What was once an art of improving human vision is now the ability to leverage the…
SHOT Show Recap Industry-Leading Technology in the Spotlight
Trade Shows & Events

SHOT Show Recap: Industry-Leading Technology in the Spotlight

Did you attend SHOT Show 2018? ADS, Inc. had a pretty spectacular line-up of our industry-leading products that gained popular attention from media outlets like Soldier Systems Daily, Mil-Spec Monkey,…


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