Defining Expert Level Education

What is a Subject Matter Expert (SME)? The acronym SME gets thrown around to describe someone who knows the most about a particular subject. People hear the term SME to describe someone and automatically assume that person is trustworthy and authentic. The United States Office of Personnel Management defines a SME as a “person with bona fide expert knowledge about what it takes to do a particular job.”

According to, in order to become a SME one cannot simply rely on the tasks or resources allotted to them. references any Air Force or civilian Career Guide, when they outline the two elements that make for a great SME:

They regularly take the time to learn everything they can about their job while using as many sources available to them, in addition to outside sources such as manuals, internet searches, training, and more!

Once SMEs acquire this level of authentication, their credibility relies on their willingness to share this knowledge with others.

Learn and Share

ADS, Inc. is a leading defense contractor who has spent the last 20+ years learning, growing, and training their employees to be the SMEs our customers need and trust. We recognize the value in shared knowledge. In an effort to translate this methodology over to customers, we’ve successfully launched a training program at our biannual defense industry trade show, Warrior Expo.

As there are plenty of resources readily available to military, DoD, law enforcement, first responders, etc. for continuing education, we gear our classes more toward hot button, industry-wide topics that aren’t yet adopted in traditional curriculum. We outsource our training to third-party training companies, non-profit organizations, and individual SMEs.

Warrior Expo East

Warrior Expo East | Training Never Stops

Become a SME and join us at the 10th Annual Warrior Expo East in Virginia Beach, VA on Thursday, July 13 and Friday, July 14 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. Not only is training free and open to trade show attendees, but there are several other opportunities to Touch, Try, and Train at what Defense News refers to as a “laboratory of innovation.”

What better way to evaluate the quality, size, and capabilities of operational equipment than to experience it firsthand? From containerized weapons storage and micro UAVs to solar powered reverse osmosis water purification systems, Warrior Expo East allows you to examine hundreds of products—all in one place. See a list of hundreds of exhibitors by viewing our Warrior Expo East Floor Plan.

Your expertise coupled with our interactive environment will allow you to be more informed and confident in your procurement decisions. Take what you learn from the interactive demonstrations and our vast exhibitor network back to your organization.

Training Schedule

This two-day industry event is exclusive to military, federal, state and local government agencies, law enforcement, first responders, qualified defense or government contractors, exhibiting partner suppliers/manufacturers, and their guests. Whether you’re an end user, program manager or a procurement specialist ADS understands that outsmarting your adversary is mission critical. Training Never Stops! Our educational courses are designed to provide the modern day warrior with applicable courses led by defense industry’s leading subject matter experts.

Modern Use of Force & Legal Review

Surviving Active Violence Events (SAVE)

Saving Lives in Tactical and Austere Environments

Battle Born Leadership

Transitioning to the Civilian Workforce: Tips for Veterans

Streamlining Procurement: An Open Forum with ADS & Guest Speakers

Harnessing Stress in Defense Environments

Learn more about training opportunities at Warrior Expo East:
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