Soldier Systems Daily reported live every day of the show at Warrior Expo West this past April. Here are the top 15 products they found to be something to write home about, both figuratively and literally.

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Avon Protection Escape Hood

The NH15 escape hood from Avon Protection offers 15 minutes of respiratory, eye and face protection from airborne CBRN threats as well as liquid agent splashes. The h2S version provides 100 minutes of protection against Hydrogen Sulfide. The headband is self adjusting and the entire hood is clear for identification of the wearer and to enhance vision. It takes less than 30 seconds to don and has a five year shelf life.

Lockhead Martin Indago Payloads

During last Fall’s UAS + Counter UAS Industry Day by ADS, I mentioned Lockheed Martin’s Indago 2 UAV and payload. The Noctus Dual IR payload is now available. Featuring Dual FLIR Boson IR cameras which provide 640×512 video and 32 deg to 2 degree Field of View zoom, with seamless transition between cameras. Additionally, it incorporates an IR laser pointer. Finally, the payload is paired with real-time Geo location and Geo pointing capability as well as object tracking.

Katadyn Tactical BeFree Water Filtration System

This is the EZ-Clean Membrane filter element for the Katadyn Tactical BeFree Water Filtration System. It filters to 1 Micron, will filter 2 liters per minute and will last for 1000 liters. It comes with a 1 liter Hydropak Softflask. If you need to treat your water for viruses, Katadyn suggests the Steripen UV system.

Stabillcers Hike Macro

Stabillcers has launched the new Hike Macro which features a removable 1/2″ stainless steel cleat. When the crampon-like 1/2″ cleats are removed, the Hike Macro still offers their standard cleats. Offered in 4 sizes to accommodate feet between sizes 4 and 16. A Black variant is coming.

Speedbox Endurance-40 

It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since we firs mentioned Speedbox, a wheeled deployment box. Created by a former SF NCO, the genesis was the need to quickly and efficiently build a pallet. The original version is now known as the Voyager-70. At Warrior West, Speedbox launched the new Endurance-40. While the Voyager-70 was designed for the 463L pallet, the Endurance-40 fits both the 463L pallet and ISU90, which many units use.

In addition to the size change, Speedbox has also improved the ways individual Endurance-40 interlock with one another, making loads more stable on a pallet. They’ve also lengthened the pull bar so the Endurance-40 doesn’t hit your heels while you pull it. It is 33.40”L x 19.95”W x 26.00”D and features a watertight seal with improved latches at either side of the lid with a load capacity of 250 lbs.

A5 Rig Lite Jacket and Pant in AOR 2

Beyond also displayed this A5 Rig Lite Jacket and Pant in AOR 2. Ever since the Navy adopted the NWU Type III across the board, this pattern has become very popular. This softshell jacket and pant are made from Tweave 4-way stretch.

LBT Riot Helmet

Beyond also displayed this A5 Rig Lite Jacket and Pant in AOR 2. Ever since the Navy adopted the NWU Type III across the board, this pattern has become very popular. This softshell jacket and pant are made from Tweave 4-way stretch.

LBT Nut Sack

LBT has introduced their version of the Nut Sack, a soft ammo carrier for the Mk48 machine gun.

Blackhawk Multipoint Sling

I was checking out the various lines offered by Vista Outdoor when I saw this fixture on a sling in the blackBlackhawk section. It reminded me of a frame surrounding a Red Dot Sight. Turns out, it’s the rapid adjust slider for their Multipoint Sling. Although it’s fixed in an open position, it’s soft enough to collapse when you need it to.

The webbing material is offered in slick, padded and stretch variants in Coyote and Black. The sling is Berry compliant and offered in multiple mounting configurations including QD, HK hooks and free ends with no attachment, allowing you to use your own parts. But, my favorite feature is that they’ve included a two-point to single-point adapter on the models fitted with QDs.

Belleville 901V2 “Burma” Jungle Boot

The 901V2 is Belleville’s Jungle Boot, called the “Burma.” The V2 is because it’s their second version, with a thinner midsole than the first version. As you can see, it features a Panama II outsole. Inside, there’s a puncture resistant textile insole and medial and lateral side drainage perforations. The vamp construction acts as a screen for sand and debris.

There’s also a removable PU footbed which provides some shock absorption and sits the sole just a bit off of the puncture proof insole which might have a bit of water which hasn’t drained. This helps keep your feet drier.

Wild Things White Out Pack Cover

Made from 70D nylon, it incorporates a flapped access zipper down the center and loops and elastic at the rear to secure it to the pack. Available 3,000, 5,000 and 7,000 cu in sizes in MultiCam Alpine.

Petzl Helo Adjust Tether Sneak Peek

Petzl developed this adjustable helo tether for military applications, and will release it very soon. It’s adjustable at the working end and easy to attach and detach from the first line belt as well as the aircraft’s hardpoint.  Please not, this is not the final production version, which will incorporate hardware in one solid color.

Magazine/152 Pouch by Back Bay USA

Back Bay USA showed me their new Magazine Pouch for 2 30 RD M4 magazines which doubles duty as a carrier for the AN/PRC-152 radio. The magazine divider lays flat at the rear of the pouch when used to carry a radio.

Available soon in MultiCam, Coyote, Ranger Green and OD from

Northern Star Compass

Although it’s less than 1″ in diameter, the Northern Star Fire Compass will alert you to your directional heading no matter what orientation it’s in. You could be leaving my sideways and the compass’ lights will indicate one of eight cardinal directions via NEWS as well as color. It was originally designed to be affixed to the inside of a SCBA mask to help firearm orient themselves in thick smoke, but it can also be used with other masks such as a CBRNE respirator.

The device is rechargeable (7 hours per charge) but will also accept disposable batteries. It is IP67 rated to 1M and is currently undergoing pressure testing for interested use.

Bushnell XRS II

The XRS II is an update to Bushnell’s flagship optic. It incorporates ED Prime Glass to deliver colorful, high-contrast images in any light, with 4.5-30x zoom and wide 50mm objective lens to acquire targets well beyond 1,000 yards. Additionally, it features lock windage turret and an elevation turret featuring a RevLimiter Zero Stop that will not turn past zero.

Throwhammer Throw Lever – Removable lever enables quick magnification changes.
Precise – 10 MILs per revolution on elevation, windage turrets for exact adjustments.
Locking diopter Maintains scope’s focus, no matter what.
EXO Barrier – lens coating is moleculary-bonded to the glass, and repels water, oil, fog, dust and debris

The XRS II comes standard with the G3 reticle. It also is available with an H39 reticle. Look for the TRMR 3 late Summer. The XRS II is offered in grey, black and flat dark earth.

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