announced last week that they are attending Warrior Expo East in Virginia Beach, VA on July 13 and 14. Hear from them on why you should attend in the following article.

Warrior Expo East is coming in a few weeks to Virginia Beach. The ADS, Inc.-hosted expo is a premier industry event focused on bringing end users, program managers, and procurement specialists together with industry-leading solutions partners in an environment designed specifically for government and defense organizations.

Hear Product Capabilities

The event is important for those looking to gain knowledge and exposure to new trends, products and resources that are available in the defense industry. Shows such as Warrior Expo East bring in noteworthy exhibits and offer the opportunity for attendees to analyze the merits and disadvantages of the products they are currently using. Trade shows remain to be an important part of the product sourcing and buying process.

Test and Try New Solutions

Attending shows like Warrior Expo East help the mind stimulate new ideas and creative ways for program managers and procurement specialists to support their end-users. For manufacturers one of the key ideas in the development of technology and equipment is the concept of tactility. Our sensory processing tactile system helps us decide what works and what doesn’t. There are many science-backed truths on the power of human touch and the responsiveness to stimulation of the sense of touch.

Warrior Expo East

Nothing Beats In-Person Experiences

As writers at Spotter Up, we know the growth in successful online publications, shopping, and blogs is primarily due to websites capturing the best images for their readership. Nonetheless, high quality imagery and catalogues, while very useful, can only present so much to a curious buyer. Our writers and product reviewers like to test products first-hand to see how they hold up.

Share Knowledge with Experts

The modalities in which some people learn via visual, auditory, and kinesthetic methods are very useful. Learning via charts, graphs, images and demonstrations or to read descriptive text that allows them to form a mental picture of the content is critical for making sound purchases but the missing element for many is tactility. Simply, potential buyers want to touch stuff! Reviews in peer journals discuss the criticality of holding and manipulating objects in order to get the full immersive experience. This affords attendees the opportunity to discover how easy the product is to work with, the quality and speed in which the product operates, and greater confidence in what is purchased.

Training Never Stops

One other key benefit to attending Warrior Expo East is the opportunity to participate in educational courses, networking events and demonstrations as they expose attendees to other people who can immediately communicate how something works. ADS, Inc. will have many subject-matter experts on hand to share all the relevant characteristics and qualities of their products.

And the Keynote Speaker is…

General Dempsey retired after 41 years of military service. In the past five years, he served as the Chief of Staff of the United States Army and then as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he was the senior officer in the Armed Forces and the military advisor to the Secretary of Defense and to the President. General Dempsey served in both Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom, accumulating 42 months in combat and earning numerous awards of distinction.

Don’t miss this event; we’re not!

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