Need some last minute Valentine's Day gift ideas for your co-workers or friends? Download our FREE printable templates and gift something sweet and funny! Show your appreciation with our intimate (yet tactical) one liners that are sure to impress!
What You’ll Need:


Hole Punch



Valentines Template
How To

Step 1: Cut out your favorite valentines.

Step 2: Take a break and eat a lollipop. Who could resist?

Step 3: Fold the valentine in half and punch a hole.

Step 4: Insert lollipop.

Step 5: Give them away to co-workers, friends, or family.

Step 6: Make someone’s day!

We'd like to extend a special thanks to ADS Senior Administration Coordinator Wanda Clark for being our hand model—and Dum Dums lollipops for being so delicious!

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