Ground Robotic Vehicles

Unmanned Ground Systems (UGS) enable operators to conduct reconnaissance, render safe or counter-charge procedures on WMDs remotely using robots. Unmanned ground vehicles have become ubiquitous in a multitude of roles, whether that’s to lighten the load our warfighters need to carry, increase their stand-off distance from threats, provide enhanced situational awareness in various environments or employ convoy leader-follower technology.

The ground-robotics market continues to shift toward systems that allow for unmanned deliveries of cargo while simultaneously serving as teammates to soldiers in the field, rather than simply as tools.

For over 50 years, QinetiQ North America has been providing world-class technology development, engineering research and development, as well as revolutionary products to the defense, security, and commercial markets.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) Capabilities:

  • CWMD and EOD
  • Hazmat and Firefighting
  • Tactical Operations
  • Security
  • Reconnaissance
  • Vehicle Inspection
QinetiQ Squad-Packable Utility Robot (SPUR)

Named winner of the Common Robotic System – Individual (CRS(I)) program by the US Army, SPUR revolutionizes robotic capability for dismounted forces with its rapid deployment from its stowed state, tactical mobility and radio range, high-performance manipulator arm and QinetiQ’s proven UC-LITE universal controller. Designed to be back-packable, SPUR is equipped with advanced sensors and mission modules for dismounted forces to enhance mission capabilities.

QinetiQ Talon V
/// TALON® V

TALON V is the only tactical, mid-sized robot that has successfully completed TARDEC’s Interoperability Profile (IOP) testing. Its enhanced electronics and software is designed to provide open architecture, increased performance, flexibility and system level modularity.

Qinetiq TALON (TDR) Disinfecting Robot

The QinetiQ Talon-TDR is not only defeating our invisible enemy COVID-19, but its remote standoff is disinfecting high traffic areas quickly while cleaning every surface in its path without the use of cleaning agents and chemicals. TALON-TDR combines the robust and life-saving TALON robot and Far-UV Sterilray’s lamp. Keeping others from a safe distance, TALON-TDR is able to perform disinfecting methods benefiting Military bases, hospitals, schools, corporations, shopping establishments and more.

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