Disasters can happen at any time, anywhere. In response to a disease pandemic, natural disaster or man-made hazard, our military and first responders need the best gear on hand to complete their tasks safely. ADS works with industry-leading manufacturers focused on developing innovative and solutions-based products to support recovery efforts.

Developed by Hendrick Motorsports, the Silent Tactical Energy Enhanced Dismount (STEED) platform is ideal for use by first responders, medical professionals and disaster response personnel.

STEED is a lightweight, all-terrain wheeled platform which carries 500 pounds and have a range of 15 to 30 miles on one battery pack. This unit is manually operated by a thumb-controlled throttle at speeds up to 6.5 miles per hour in both forward and reverse. It has a zero degree turn radius, is tactically silent, has zero emissions and is completely submersible.

It is simple, easy to use and provides a significant enhancement for human performance, 1:1 ratio rapid casualty evacuation and sustainment efforts. U.S. Patent 10,654,503.

  • All-terrain conditions: wetlands, submerged in water, hills, forested areas, climbing tight stairwells, subterranean environments, rocks and rubble
  • System Curb Weight: 190 lbs
  • Power: Quick change, lightweight lithium-ion batteries, commercially available
  • Designed for simple operator use and easy mobility over and around obstacles
  • Attachment available for payload bed raised height (32 to 42 inches)
  • Designed for ease of transport: UH-60, bed of MRZR or Hilux, aisle of fully loaded LMTV, air deliverable
  • Capable of being towed
Silent Tactical Energy Enhanced Dismount (STEED) platform is ideal for use by first responders, medical professionals and disaster response personnel
Benefits and Applications for Medical and Disaster Response:
  • Patient movement: 1:1 ratio in all environments, 17 percent reduction in acceleration on patient during movement
  • Reduction in personnel for tasks: 80 percent increase in efficiency
  • Less physical exertion and caloric burn: 60 percent reduction, ideal for personnel in PPEs (biohazard suits, fire resistant or protective clothing, SCBAs)
  • Transport supplies and sustainment equipment:
  • Shelter structures, quarantine and isolation systems
  • Forward operating medical units and medical modules
  • Generators and power sources
  • Blood/plasma refrigerators and diagnostic equipment
  • Exports power to external devices such as medical monitors
  • Decontamination: Using typical methods
  • Suitable for use in terrains and environments where typical vehicles or rescue platforms can't go (examples: indoors, dense urban and subterranean)

STEED Configurations:

  • Collapsed form, fits in rotomolded transport case: 30” x 39” x 25”
  • Single handle, short form: 62” x 39” x 33”
  • Dual handle, fully extended form: 93” x 39” x 33”
  • Adjustable height handle for operator comfort: 33″ to 37”

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