IEDs can be quickly assembled with a variety of nonmilitary components and employed with little or no training. Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technicians adapt to these regularly evolving devices through:

  • First-hand knowledge
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Up-to-date training

EOD Technicians respond to a specific area to investigate and gather intelligence. A tactical robot with an audio and video payload helps gather real-time information.


If disruption is not enough and the bomb must be destroyed, EOD technicians may deliver a countercharge to suspect IED via robot without risking human life.


X-ray kits may be added to a robot to help the technician determine whether the suspect package contains IED components.


EOD technicians may direct the robot to carry the suspect device away from a busy traffic area to a more remote site for inspection or disposal. Technicians  then use robots to disrupt devices


When searching for roadside bombs, scanning the route visibly and with metal detectors may be the only line of defense. ADS solutions are capable of detecting command wires, non-metallic and low-metallic signature IEDs regardless of the mineralized content of soil components with built-in systems to monitor detector functionality.

The Blast Tracker

The Blast Tracker serves as a forensic tool or black box for an unexpected and repeated blast events. Mounted discretely on users, it records real-time data of individual overpressure, impulse, and acceleration.

EOD 10 Bomb Suit & Helmet Ensembles

EOD 10 bomb suit and helmet ensembles protect operators from: overpressure, fragmentation, impact, and heat. The redesigned EOD helmet improves situational awareness and protection, integrating a Voice Command system and new light options.

“During Austin Police Department's 2018 serial bomber manhunt, EOD technicians were able to safely respond to more than 1,200 of suspicious package reports with the help of our X-Ray devices.”

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