ISU-90 Container Corrosion Issues

ISU 90 Containers are generally located outside, exposed to a variety of environments. They’re neither water-tight nor gas-tight and are subjected to the corrosive effects of their outside environment.

In addition to the assets contained within the ISU, the ISU itself corrodes. This reduces shelf life from 10 years down to just three, costing millions in early replacement costs.

Corrosion Prevention Study

Plank Road Technologies (PRT) developed an oxygen barrier called a SecurePac to prevent moisture. Once this ISU 90 SecurePac is in place, the containers are treated with PRT’s LOC System to remove existing moisture and oxygen incursion from damaging the container.

PRT then conducted a four-week study, comparing an ISU with a SecurePac barrier to one without.

Steel Rods at Beginning of Evaluation

Plank Road covered ISU-90

Uncovered ISU-90

Steel Rods at End of Evaluation

Plank Road covered ISU-90

Uncovered ISU-90

Plank Road Technologies corrosion prevention equipment is proven to reduce maintenance costs, combat environmental conditions, eliminate antiquated storage methods, and improve transportation methods of operational equipment, both big and small.

ISU Protected SecurePac:
  • Stops Corrosion
  • Assets Remain Deployable after long Periods of Storage
  • Extends Shelf Life of ISU
  • Saves Millions in early Replacement Costs
  • System removes Oxygen and Moisture
  • Water Tight
  • Gas Tight
  • Durable
  • Reusable
  • Built-in UV
  • Protection
Now Available on GSA Schedule 56
GS-07F-358AA (Schedule 56)

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