Technology designed to improve situational awareness on the battlefield has increased a Marine Rifleman's power burden by 40%. An Army Infantryman has a power requirement of up to 2kW for the communications equipment he carries. The search is on for batteries that provide a power density of 100wh/kg.

Carrying nearly 20 pounds of batteries on 72-hour mission increases the physical burden on today's warfighter. The solution for lightening the load lies in more powerful batteries, portable chargers, and the ability to harvest solar power or cannibalize battlefield sources.


When searching for roadside bombs, scanning the route visibly and with metal detectors may be the only line of defense. ADS solutions are capable of detecting command wires, non-metallic and low-metallic signature IEDs regardless of the mineralized content of soil components with built-in systems to monitor detector functionality.

Generators and power storage systems can be brought into the battlespace, if surrounded by tactical or combat vehicles. Flex-fuel generator can burn any fuel and generate 1000 to 5000 watts on clean reliable power. Larger battery storage systems provide silent watch capabilities, reducing enemy force detection and extending operations.


The Navy continues to reduce energy consumption on the high seas and in port by replacing fluorescents with LED light fixtures. The fleet has purchased 400,000+ lamps in the last three years. ADS holds two IDIQ contracts to support LED upgrades, including the Navy's shipboard berth light-a six-inch plug and play replacement. The use of solid state lighting provides a clear, less potent light that relieves eye strain and improves mood while reducing power consumption both underway and when connected to pier power.

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