WeaponLogic will be on display at SHOT Show in the ADS, Inc booth #20415.

Secubit develops AI-powered tools that heighten the ability to screen and address the most relevant information and gain a tactical edge for weapon operators in defense & law enforcement. Their technology, both from tactical and maintenance perspectives, will ultimately drive the force to perform more efficiently.

Developing an eco-system that utilizes a suite of tools to reach higher tactical efficiency and maintenance optimization.

The device utilizes AI to distill info regarding the weapon and its operational state. The device is small and can integrate seamlessly with any weapon, including rifles, sniper rifles, crew-served weapons, pistols, and mortars.

  • It measures ROF, single vs. multi-shot, dry fires and drops.
  • Records shots fired, the cadence of fire, shot duration and burst rate.
  • Records shooter's profile including the rate of fire, single shots versus multi-shot, dry fires and drops.
  • Fully integrated, MIL-SPEC and waterproof.
  • Passive RFID communication between devices.
  • 10 years of battery life.
  • Weapon Logic Device:
    • Smart counter IP 68 rating
    • Over 1M shot memory
    • RFID technology – completely passive and secure
    • Weight: 20gr – seamless to the operator
  •  Weapon operator upskilling driven by AI
  •  Heightened force efficiency through real-time connectivity

The Reader and Dashboard applications provide a complete weapon and operator profile. Our software uses smart signal processing algorithms to aggregate and analyze data gathered from all counters. The software is based on client-server architecture and can be deployed as a centralized or stand alone solution.

Maintenance logs for historical data and maximized firearm lifespan.

Leverage satellite tags to provide inventory control and weapon

accountability for a more secured armory.

Track accessories and components associated with each firearm.

Multiple weapon profiles, records up to 1 million rounds.

Smart analysis of shot profile including energy and duration.

Detection of varying energy outputs.

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