Sarcos’ Guardian™ S is built to save lives and prevent injuries.

This magnetic and waterproof robot navigates uneven, challenging terrain and accesses confined spaces like pipes, storage tanks, and vehicles—venturing where no human can go.

It provides 12 hours of uninterrupted surveillance with day and nighttime vision and can be safely operated from remote locations, providing real-time information to the operator.

Lightweight & Man-Portable

Weighing in at 16 pounds, the Guardian S can carry a 10-pound payload on horizontal surfaces

Immediate Situational Awareness

Transmits two-way video, audio, and sensor data while the operator stays at a safer standoff distance

Expansive Navigation

Low-profile, vertical surfaces, all-terrain: mug, gravel, water, unstructured terrain, and confined spaces as narrow as seven inches

Cloud Connected

Command Center provides robot control, data gathering, analytics, and secure communications

Sarcos Guardian S in Action

See Sarcos in action at Warrior Expo West April 18th & 19th in San Diego, CA at booth 808. If you're not registered yet, do it now!
LIVE DEMO: Wednesday, April 18 at 1100 in booth 808.
Can't make the LIVE demo? Schedule a meeting with Sarcos.

The multifunctional robot supports the following missions:

  • SWAT
  • EOD
  • Maritime
  • Fire
  • Disaster recovery
  • Infrastructure inspections

Sarcos sets the standard for robotic systems that augment human performance to improve safety and enhance efficiency in unstructured environments.

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