The Challenge:

Tactical Quiet Generators (TQGs), were developed in response to changing military threats. New strategies and fiscal constraints dictated improved battlefield survivability, enhanced deployment and maintainability while reducing operating and support costs.

These military generators provided increased performance—but the prevalent use of a quieter generator led to some safety concerns. Users connected unauthorized cables to the generators, which resulted in fires and electrical shocks.

With nearly 30,000 3kW TQGs in service across the DoD, the problem is widespread. In response to this issue, the U.S. Army released a CECOM message on February 28, 2019, stating that temporary power distribution from the 3kW generator load terminals can be accomplished with the 3kW Power Distribution Reel from Genesis J.I.T.

Genesis J.I.T. 3KW Power Distribution Reel

The Solution:

ADS worked with Genesis J.I.T. to develop the power distribution reel solution, improving safety and closing a capability gap for by Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps units using the 3kW TQG.

The ruggedized steel cable reel is pre-wired with 50 feet of 12/3 cable, allowing users to place their 3kW generators at a safe distance from their environment while still operating critical equipment with the full 20 amps available. A quick connect/disconnect cable improves usability for supervised, non-MOS qualified users.

This solution has been evaluated by the small power program office and meets the power distribution requirements. NEMA 3R environmental testing has been completed, and the Army’s Test and Evaluation Command at Aberdeen Proving Grounds has tested the reel for compatibility and safety with the 3kW TQG.

The 3kW Power Distribution Reel can saves lives and property by preventing electrical shocks and fires, caused by users connecting unauthorized cables to their 3kW Tactical Quiet Generators.
Genesis J.I.T. 3KW Power Distribution Reel

Available on GSA Advantage
PN: GEN2014101TN-2



Energy generation and distribution in austere environments is a strategic and tactical challenge. CECOM Message DTG 281316Z Feb 19 states “Temporary power distribution from the 3kW generator load terminals can be accomplished with the 3kW Power Distribution Reel, manufactured by Genesis JIT and distributed by ADS, Inc.


Key Benefits: Hydraulic breakers are not affected by heat or cold and GFCI adds an additional layer of protection from accidental electrocution.

System Configuration:

  • Outlets: 1 dual commercial 120V GFCI 20A, 1 dual commercial 120V 20A
  • Breaker: Hydraulic magnetic switch/breakers
  • Indicators: Panel mounted LED indicator light
  • Extension Cable: 50ft SJOOW 12/3
  • Reel: Steel, powder coated (desert tan)
  • Enclosure: H 6” x D 7” x W 6”
  • Reel Dimensions: Diameter 13”, Height: 19”, Weight: 21 lbs
  • Connectors: Optional or customer installed

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