ADS works with top human performance suppliers to provide our deployed service men and women an opportunity to enhance their physical training capabilities while in theater. Unpredictable schedules, inadequate training equipment, and an OPTEMPO all make staying physically sharp a challenge. As human performance requirements are growing more stringent, it’s crucial our service men and women are equipped with superior equipment, even in the roughest of environments.

PLAE’s Achieve

PLAE’s Achieve is the toughest floor in the world. Available in three thicknesses, its dual layers are fused together with a patented process that will not separate or weaken, regardless of age or application.

The Beaverfit 10’ Functional Training Locker

BeaverFit’s entire line of functional training lockers are modified shipping containers that have been customized to create fully portable training center that are rapidly deployable, customizable, and airworthy. The Beaverfit 10’ Functional Training Locker facilitates physical training for up to 50 personnel and assembles in 45 minutes or less.

DARI Motion’s Marker-Less Motion Analytics Software

DARI Motion’s Marker-Less Motion Analytics Software delivers validated 3-D kinematic and kinetic motion analytics without sensors, markers, or force plates, providing immediate feedback. The analysis can eliminate physical injuries before they happen by looking at muscle use patterns in real-time.

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