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ZeroPoint – Bit Sets


UBit – íìber? No, it actually stands for “Unpowered”. So put down your purse, use a little elbow grease and get the job done. With a full outfit of 1/4″ drive SAE & Metric bits, sockets and an assortment of other bit drivers to support nearly any crank, twist, spin or turn you need, the UBit will get things turning.

PBit – “P” for plenty. Perhaps, but actually stands for “Powered”. When used with power assist tools such as power drills, Roto-Zips and Dremels, it includes everything you need to drill, cut and saw through plastic, wood, masonry, tile, glass, and metal.

MBit – Master Bit Set. UBit + PBit = MBit. When complimented by power tools it is singularly the ultimate Bit Set.

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