Z-Bolt – C-TRIP-10G Multi-Function Green Dot & Line Laser


Portable, Rugged & Adaptable – Illuminate and Fluoresce Trip Wires. Multi-Function Green Dot & Line Laser for EOD, Location Marking, Tactical Comms. The Z-Bolt® C-TRIP-10G combines a tactical green laser and laser line generator, all in one hybrid unit.  (Combined capabilities nets equipment reduction).  The green laser dot function emits a visible beam at night with a range of 5 miles.  The laser line generator function paints a brilliant 36° fanned vertical green laser line, measuring 15’ at 15’ distant.  Easily scan doorways, halls or stairwells with one pass.  EOD techs use to illuminate and fluoresce trip and command wires.  The C-TRIP-10G Hybrid Dot & Line Laser is safe to operate, water resistant, and shock resistant.  Laser power actuator on battery end cap assembly; constant on/off performance.  Choice of ACU, Coyote Brown, Black, Ranger Green, or Multicam MOLLE style modular pouch for battlefield transport and stowage.  2 pcs CR123A lithium batteries.  Add the accessory rail mount kit for weapons mounting. In use by operational forces in theater – US Army, USMC, & US Navy EOD – USAF, MARSOC, Army SOF, NSW.  FBI & NYPD Bomb Techs.

  • Water Resistant
  • Shock Resistant
  • Ruggedized Optics
  • Constant On/Off Click Switch
  • Power Lockout Functionality
  • Manual, Quick Start User Guide
  • Switch Loop Attachment for Lanyard
  • 2 pcs CR123A Lithium Batteries / 1500 mAh
  • Nylon Modular Pouch (MOLLE Style – Berry Compliant)
  • Nylon Pouch Color: Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, MultiCam®, ACU
  • Kit: Laser Only, Weapons Kit , 4 pc Kit , 8 pc Kit
  • Kit Case Type: Nylon Soft Pack, Hard Case
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Multi-Function Green Dot & Line Laser C-TRIP-10G





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