Z-Bolt – C-PRINT Green Forensic Laser for Print Imaging


Portable Imaging of Prints & Biologicals – Expeditionary Labs & Crime Scenes – In the Field or In the Lab.  Z-Bolt® C-PRINT Lasers are similar in dimensions to a small-size flashlight, a feather-light 10 ounces. Easy to transport, carry, and operate, the C-PRINT’s capabilities compare favorably to the Coherent TracER at 45 pounds. The TracER is marketed as delivering “ultimate portability”, but is too heavy to effectively accompany LE, SOF, NSW, EOD, or CID teams into the field. Transported in a large hard case, the TracER is too unwieldy for rotary wing or vehicle transport. In contrast, the Z-Bolt® C-PRINT is MOLLE or belt portable for on site, on the battlefield forensic detection & effective imaging at expeditionary forensic labs; at crime scenes; at remote, isolated FOBs. The C-PRINT features digital variable power; beam-spot size control; an internal variable sealed zoom lens system; battery “Low-Power” indicator; and easy access power interlock. The C-PRINT ships with orange 22 filter safety glasses; rechargeable battery kit; nylon pouch for field use – all in a hard case for stowage & transport.

  • Variable Digital Dynamic Laser Power Controller
  • Laser Spot-Size Control – Number Scale Target
  • Internal Variable Sealed Zoom Lens System
  • Rugged Tethered Lens Cap Protector
  • Large Recessed Fire Control Button
  • Easy Access Battery Compartment
  • Battery “Low- Power” Indicator
  • Easy Access Power Interlock
  • Multiple Lanyard Ports
  • Box Contents in Pelican Case
  • 1 pc  C-PRINT Green Forensic Laser
  • 1 pc  Orange 22 Filter & Laser Safety Glasses
  • 4 pc  CR123A Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1 pc  Nylon MOLLE Pouch for Field Carry
  • 1 pc  CR123A Battery Charger
  • 1 pc  User Guide & Operator's Manual
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Z-Bolt® Green Forensic Laser for Print Imaging C-PRINT





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