Wing Inflatables – Combat Rubber Raiding Craft (CRRC)

Wing Inflatables

Boats made to respond to emergency situations. Introducing the ultimate insertion boat. Stealthy, fast and durable. Wing’s CRRC series features polyurethane fabric with heat-welded tube seams for superior longevity, durability and puncture resistance over Hypalon and PVC. Its patent pending hull design features Wing’s exclusive HydroStep System (HSS) that affords lift, reduces drag and allows the boat to achieve planing speed faster with heavy loads. Tapered buoyancy tubes also contribute to lighter weight for higher speeds, greater fuel economy and more usable interior space.

  • Permanent heat-welded seams, not glued seams, for extended service life
  • Polyurethane fabric demonstrates 2-3 times the puncture resistance of Hypalon or PVC
  • Patent pending hull design promotes lift, reduces drag and affords quicker time to plane
  • Tapered buoyancy tubes afford more usable interior space and reduces weight for greater fuel efficiency
  • Non-deteriorating composite transom
  • Berry Amendment Compliant
Model Item Number
P-4.7 Combat Rubber Raiding Craft CRRC P-4.7
P-5.8 Combat Rubber Raiding Craft CRRC P-5.8





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