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VECTOR is a far-ranging, highly reliable handheld laser range finder with a digital magnetic compass. VECTOR is available with a range capability of 12,000 m (VECTOR 21) or of 25,000 m (VECTOR 23). In daylight mode, all VECTOR models have a binocular field of view of 6.75° (120 mils) at 7x magnification. VECTOR 21 is also available with the optional night vision capability (VECTOR 21 Nite). At night, in image intensified mode, the VECTOR 21 Nite presents a monocular field of view of 8° (142 mils) at 4.5x magnification. Individual models offer additional features such as Bluetooth wireless connectivity or night operation capability.

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Model Item Number
VECTOR 21 901562
VECTOR 21 Nite (Photonis XD-4™) 902160
VECTOR 21 Nite (Photonis XR-5™) 905201
VECTOR 21 BT 902627
VECTOR 23 906098




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