Trivec Avant – UHF SATCOM Self Steering Vehicular Antenna

Trivec Avant

The AV2097-3 low-profile system provides true-on-the-move communications for long-range or over-the-horizon missions. The automatic pointing capability of the system optimizes signal integrity when using hard-to-hit low-angle satellites. The AV2097-3 (6 dBIC) antenna element is interchangeable with the AV2097-1 (9 dBIC) system with both systems using the same flexible base spring mount. The AV2097-3 offers a lower profile and slightly less gain than the AV2097-1, but the directivity of the system attains optimal signal-to-noise ratio and maximizes signal integrity, even during high speeds and turns

  • True on-the-move use of Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA) channels.
  • 6 dBiC Gain @ Beam Max.
  • Control Unit stores up to 30 satellite profiles and is extremely easy to use.
  • Control Unit stores last-satellite-used information for immediate on-the-go quick start operation.
  • Minimum user interaction. Self-steering antenna auto-adjusts to speed and direction of vehicle.
  • Low-profile alternative to AV2097-1.
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UHF SATCOM Self Steering Vehicular Antenna AV2097-3





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