The Trijicon CCAS (Continuously Computed Aiming Solution) accurately computes a corrected aiming point based on current environmental conditions using known ballistic equations instead of the common G1 table averages typically used in the majority of ballistic modeling programs. The CCAS calculates for pressure, temperature, angle, range and movement of the target, automatically adjusting for changes in relation to the zeroing set-up to provide updated aiming solutions. With the capability of supporting multiple weapons and multiple projectiles per weapon it provides increased first round hit capabilities.

The CCAS replaces the necessity for advanced marksmanship skills such as range estimation, windage adjustment and angle of fire adjustment. The reticle display is a green graphic overlay providing a “corrected reticle” for both stationary and moving targets to the shooter, speeding up target engagement while increasing first round affects on target. Range a target with the black crosshair to produce horizontal holdover bar with aiming points. Then use the circle to aim at stationary targets, and the chevron to track and aim at moving targets. The shooter selectable menu options range from weapon/ammo type, wind speed input, range to target

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Continuously Computed Aiming Solution® CCAS




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