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The Tactical Throat Microphone III (TTMK III) is a state-of-the-art tactical headset designed primarily for direct action and entry team applications. TTMK III™ systems incorporate a top of the line throat microphone, exceptional durability, and superb audio response. TCI accomplishes this by using state of the art signal processing, as well as one of the best throat microphone transducers made. In addition, TTMK III systems include a Soundwaves/FC earcoil for crisp and clear receiver audio. Users can select either our TACT-LITE™ Earmolds or the Sound-Attenuation Ear-Insert as their earpiece based upon their preferences. TTMK III systems also include our popular and environmentally sealed TCI Tactical Push-to-Talk (PTT) and a radio interface engineered for the user's radio. TCI has been providing throat microphone technology for over a decade due to the popularity of our original TTMK. The TTMK III is our newest evolution, offering the latest in throat microphone technology.

  • Well suited for use with gas masks, respirators, and/or NBC/WMD/HAZMAT ensembles
  • Low Profile – Can be worn under clothing for low visibility mission sets
  • Usable with a wide array of protective face shields and ballistic helmets
  • Includes TCI Push-to-Talk (PTT) for legacy PRC series radios (MBITR / PRC-152, PRC-117) and headset storage bag.
  • TTMK III™ systems available for practically any radio model.
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TTMK III Tactical Throat Microphone Headset TTMK3-D-329-HM





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