Subsalve – Salvage Pontoon


Completely enclosed, cylindrical bags are ideal for shallow water salvage, reducing the draft of a vessel or raising an object closer to the surface. They are invaluable in cable and pipeline operations and where long tows are planned.

  • Each bag is equipped with shackles, valves and all necessary hardware and ready for immediate use.
  • Each lift bag is tested prior to shipping.
  • High strength, heavy-duty, ballistic-rated, urethane coated nylon fabric
  • Superior abrasion and UV resistance
  • Not affected by most petrochemicals
  • Available in multiple sizes, in both standard cylinders and elongated tubes. Contact ADS for more information.
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Model Item Number
1100 lb Salvage Pontoon SP-1000
2200 lb Salvage Pontoon SP-2000
4400 lb Salvage Pontoon SP-4000
6600 lb Salvage Pontoon SP-6000
12200 lb Salvage Pontoon SP-12000
22000 lb Salvage Pontoon SP-20000
44000 lb Salvage Pontoon SP-40000
77000 lb Salvage Pontoon SP-70000





Products are available for DOD, Federal, State and Local Government Agency ordering.
ADS cannot quote or fulfill personal orders.

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