Subsalve – Professional Lift Bag


All Subsalve USA Professional Lift Bags are equipped with easy-to-operate fill and dump valves on the top of the lift bag. Similar in shape to an inversed water droplet at the moment of breakaway, the unique design of these lift bags provide maximum lifting capacity with the least total bag weight. It also provides an even distribution of stress over the fabric surface. Each Subsalve USA Lift Bag is tested prior to shipping, and must meet rigorous U. S. Department of Defense requirements.

  • Multiple sizes available, contact ADS for more information.
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Model Item Number
1100 lb Pro Lift Bag PF-1000
2200 lb Pro Lift Bag PF-2000
4400 lb Pro Lift Bag PF-4000
6600 lb Pro Lift Bag PF-6000
10200 lb Pro Lift Bag PF-10000
12200 lb Pro Lift Bag PF-12000
22000 lb Pro Lift Bag PF-20000
44000 lb Pro Lift Bag PF-40000
77000 lb Pro Lift Bag PF-70000
107000 lb Pro Lift Bag PF-100000





Products are available for DOD, Federal, State and Local Government Agency ordering.
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