Stratom – Gripper Remote Tool Changing System™ (GRTCS)™


The Gripper Remote Tool Changing System enhances current UGV platforms by enabling the downrange remote exchange of an array of IED defeat specific tools. This system will provide the operator with enhanced capabilities, decreased time on target, and increased opportunities to defeat and exploit the threat. No longer will the UGV be required to make multiple trips between the operator and the threat to change out tools.

  • Tele-operated tool exchange
  • Reconfigurable tool library – mounted behind robot
  • Three (3) modular tool stations on rack
  • Tool library easily attaches to 500 PackBots
  • Gripper accesses each position by pivoting the turret of the robotic system
  • Tool changer uses camera systems for location
  • Lead-in’s on library help guide tool into proper position
  • Depth controlled by features on the tool changer
  • Tool unlocks from the library when gripper obtains the tool
  • Opening the gripper and pulling away from the tool changer locks the tool into the holder
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GRTCS (Gripper Remote Tool Changing System) for 500 PackBot GRTCS-61P
GRTCS (Gripper Remote Tool Changing System) for Talon V GRTCS-61P




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