Stratom – Adaptive Specialty Probe (ASP)™ Toolkit


The Adaptive Specialty Probe (ASP) Toolkit is a selection of highly e fficient tools focused on the needs of the War ghter and First Responder, providing a capability in remotely negotiating hazards and defeating the dangers associated with an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) or explosive hazard by reducing “time on target” and exposure to the immediate hazard.

  • The Sidewinder is a probing tool for buried or exposed wires. Operator exposes buried wires through probing/scraping and rotates jaws of the platform allowing them to wind up the wire around the tool.
  • The Cobra rake can be used to move debris and other material from around the IED or threat and allows the operator to do remote movements of the threat.
  • The Adder hook can be used for scraping, removing concealing material, and negotiating other obstacles as well as other applications.
  • The Viper is a multi purpose tool used to puncture, cut and pierce suspected IED soft and medium constructed containers. The tool can easily puncture tires, cut wires, and provides the operator with versatile capability.
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ASP (Adaptive Speciality Probe) Toolkit for 310 SUGV ASP-41S
ASP (Adaptive Speciality Probe) Toolkit for 510 PackBot ASP-42P
ASP (Adaptive Speciality Probe) Toolkit for 310 SUGV and 510 PackBot ASP-43SP
ASP (Adaptive Speciality Probe) Toolkit for QinetiQ Talon ASP-41T
ASP (Adaptive Speciality Probe) Toolkit for 310 SUGV, 510 PackBot, QinetiQ  Talon, Remotec F6A ASP-45X
ASP (Adaptive Speciality Probe) Toolkit for QinetiQ Dragon Runner ASP-41DR




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