Special Projects Operations – AirJam

Special Projects Operations

The SPO AirJam system was developed to support sustained breathing air-refill operations. The AirJam system provides the capability of refilling air systems using the combination of a breathing air compressor, air storage cylinders and refill controls built into one easy to use platform. The system can be used to run pneumatic tools, lift bags, and other air-related systems. The AirJam is built with user-friendly control panels for monitoring system functions. The AirJam provides enhanced mission support capabilities to include:

  • Longer duration operations
  • Limited access areas
  • Austere environments
  • SCBA/Air cylinder refilling


  • Aluminum reinforced enclosed system
  • 26.4SCFM SCBA Rated Compressor with Auto Cascade
  • 25 HP Diesel Engine, 5 Gal AL Fuel Cell
  • (2) Corner Instrument/Control Panels: EStop, Fuel Gauge, Storage Pressure Gauge, Fill Pressure Gauge, 2 HP FD-17 Fill Ports, 1 LP Fill Port
  • (2)12V DC Batteries
  • Battery Selector Switch
  • DC to AC inverter for charging electronics/batteries
  • Lighting: High Light, Low Light, Red Light, IR Light
  • Storage Capacity @ 6000 psi = 3 Cy lx 12,771.45 liters = 38,314.35 liters
  • Caster System for floor transport


  • Ruggedized Trailer Platform
  • SPO can custom design solutions that fit your mission needs.


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