Skydyne – Field Desk


The Skydyne Field Desk offers military units lighter, single-tabletop and double-tabletop, aluminum versions of the original military Field Desk. This “new and improved” Field Desk is equipped with easily-deployable and adjustable legs, which allow each table to be set up quickly and stand evenly on rugged terrains. The Skydyne Field Desk also includes lightweight, removable, aluminum drawer boxes, and one lightweight folding chair per tabletop. Located on the front of the desk, there is a name card holder which allows the personalization of each desk.  Replacement parts are available and listed below. Since these desks may be used in various terrains and by various units, Skydyne offers a variety of different color options; custom colors not included below are available upon request.

Model Item #
Single-Tabletop Olive Drab 71044-011
Single-Tabletop Tan 71044-012
Single-Tabletop Gray 71044-013
Single-Tabletop Black 71044-014
Double-Tabletop Olive Drab 71044-001
Double-Tabletop Tan 71044-002
Double-Tabletop Gray 71044-003
Double-Tabletop Black 71044-004
Replacement Olive Drab Tables with Legs 71044-301
Replacement Tan Tables with Legs 71044-302
Replacement Gray Tables with Legs 71044-303
Replacement Black Tables with Legs 71044-304
Replacement Drawers (Wide/Shallow) 71044-700
Replacement Drawers (Wide/Deep) 71044-701
Replacement Drawers (Narrow/Shallow) 71044-702
Replacement Drawers (Narrow/Deep) 71044-703
Replacement Folding Chair 71044-310





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