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The Tac Eye RMM is one of the newest members of the Tac Eye family and functions as a complementary device for non-HMD applications. It contains the same display and battery as the UMTC and demonstrates the same superior quality as other devices in the Tac Eye family. This mobile monitor is durable, utilizing a Gorilla Glass window and removable cover to ensure maximum scratch resistance. This technology is a must have on missions due to its ability to convey mission critical data. This device can be used as an alternative to the Tac Eye 2. 0 for those who do not wish to have a helmet mounted device. This mobile monitor contains its own internal power source, which is a 5400mAhr lithium ion battery providing up to eight hours of run time. The full color display is daylight readable and implements a 5″ WSVGA display. The RMM accepts video inputs through both BNC and VGA connectors.

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Model Item Number
Tac Eye RMM (Rugged Mobile Monitor) – Video 404T00011
Tac Eye RMM (Rugged Mobile Monitor) – VGA 404T00012
Tac Eye RMM (Rugged Mobile Monitor) – Dual 404T00013
Tac Eye RMM (Rugged Mobile Monitor) -Harris 7800t 404T00014
Tac Eye RMM (Rugged Mobile Monitor) – Coastal Defense MVR 404T00015
Tac Eye RMM (Rugged Mobile Monitor) – L3 SIR 404T00017




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