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The Tac-Eye Binocular is a head-mounted display (HMD) designed to provide a high-resolution, “big-screen” image for tactical operations, giving warfighters hands-free access to mission-critical video data. The system provides the user with a 55″ screen in a compact, portable package. It's perfect for applications where the user will be looking at video for long durations.

The display can plug directly into computer systems, FLIR imagers, camera systems, thermal weapons sights, or remote video sensors. The system can also accept standard VGA interfaces and has an integrated head tracker, ideal for simulation and training applications.

  • Battlefield proven
  • 60% increase in battery life of a typical computer
  • Helmet mounts available for PVS 21 and 15
  • Supports 3D stereoscopic viewing
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Print Model Print Item Number
Tac Eye Binocular 500T00132
Tac Eye 2. 0 Binocular – VGA 500T00021
Tac Eye 2. 0 Binocular – Dual 500T00031
Tac Eye 2. 0 Binocular – Harris 7800t 500T00041
Tac Eye 2. 0 Binocular -Coastal Defense MVR 500T00051
Tac Eye 2. 0 Binocular – L3 SIR 500T00071




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