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The Sacksafoam™ Heli-Case is a foam-injection system designed for use with larger helicopters and additional flight personnel. Storage for a 5 USG pail allows the large, built-in reservoir to be refilled on-the-fly with the dip tube and transfer pump. It is designed to be paired with a Sacksafoam Plus for more capacity.

The Sacksafoam™ Heli-Case can also supply power to, and control, a Standard Bambi or Bambi MAX Bucket.

With the Sacksafoam Controller, dispensing foam from the Heli-Case is easy and fully configurable for any bucket size.

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Key Benefits:
• Adds foam capability to bucketing operation
• Less time spent on the ground because the foam reservoir can be refilled on the fly
• Flight crew can operate the bucket and dispense foam allowing the pilot to focus on flying

Key Features:
• Self-contained and designed to prevent foam from contacting the helicopter
• Transfer pump and dip tube allow the main reservoir to be refilled by 5 USG pails automatically
• Connections available to supply power to the bucket, and a hand control to operate the bucket

Heli-Case Accessories:
Sacksafoam Plus


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