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PowerFill MAX allows partial or complete bucket fills from previously inaccessible water sources as shallow as 18″ (0.45 m), such as streams, ponds and low-profile dip tanks. It is available for Bambi MAX Bucket models BBX4453 – BBXHL9800.

PowerFill MAX is a two- or four-pump system mounted on the top plate of the Bambi MAX valve. When the bucket is immersed in water to the level of the top plate of the valve, the two electrically driven pumps can fill the bucket at 850 USG/min (54 L/s). Four pumps can fill the bucket at 1700 USG/min (106 L/s).

PowerFill MAX can be supplied as original equipment, or it can be added to an existing bucket.

2-Pump, 100 lb (45 kg); 4-Pump, 180 lb (82 kg)

Key Benefits:
• Increases operational efficiencies by utilizing shallow water sources
• Faster fill times than PowerFill Snorkel

Key Features:
• Pumps fill bucket at 850 USG/min (54 L/s) – 1700 USG/min (108 L/s) in only 18″ (0.45 m) of water
• Conventional dipping method may still be used with the PowerFill MAX pumps installed
• Requires 28 VDC, 90 A/180 A power supply


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