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The Bambi MAX Bucket offers the same robust, durable and dependable technology that you have come to know over the past 35+ years from the original Bambi Bucket®, in addition to the introduction of a multiple drops valve.

The Bambi MAX offers 14 different sizes, ranging from 680 L (180 USG) to 9800 L (2590 USG).

The Bambi MAX Bucket is available with a 2-pump, or 4-pump, internal configuration. This bottom-filling technology provides fill rates of 850 or 1,700 US gallons per minute, respectively. Kits are available to add the PowerFill MAX system to your Bambi MAX Bucket.

Key Benefits:
• Improve efficiency by splitting water load into multiple drops
• Improve efficiency by increasing bucket capacity through fuel cycle

Key Features:
• Unlimited valve actuations
• Pilot-operated capacity control
• Low-power consumption (5 A @ 28 VDC)
• Simple three-wire electrical connection

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