SeaBotix – LBC & vLBC


Highly Stable Ship Hull and Infrastructure True Crawler Hybrid MiniROV Inspection Systems.

Add SeaBotix’ revolutionary wheeled Crawler Skid Assembly to the LBV300-5 or the Tracked Crawler Skid Assembly to the vLBV with the patented Vortex Generator for thorough inspection of ship hulls and port infrastructure, even in conditions with high water currents and heavy sea states. The Vortex Generator provides an amazing 28kg (62lbs) of attractive force; allowing the operator to drive the LBC/vLBC on virtually any relatively hard, flat surface of any material providing unprecedented stability and control in 5+ knot currents. Firmly attached, the highest quality sensor data can be collected as there is no relative motion between the surface of interest and the Crawler. The operator can release the controls to adjust sensors, review the incoming data, or simply rest. Remove the CSA/TSA when not needed for traditional ROV operations.

Model Item Number
LBC Crawler LBC
vLBC Crawler vLBC


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