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Maximizes Target Acquisition! Superior to 1st and 2nd generation Aerosol Irritant Projectors, Crossfire introduces 3rd generation technology which allows SABRE Stream & Gel OC canisters to deploy continuously from any angle or orientation. Picture the face of an analog clock which displays the time through the use of fixed numbered dials and moving hands. 1st generation OC sprays only deploy upright between the clock's 10 and 2 dials. 2nd generation OC sprays increase target acquisition with the addition of 1/2 second bursts deployments between the clock's 4 and 8 dials. The 3rd generation Crossfire will deploy continuously from any position or dial on a clock to maximize target acquisition when encountering dynamic subjects which attempt to duck or block the spray. Crossfire Gel , designed to reduce cross contamination, is also great for crowded public venues such as sporting events, government buildings and more.

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Model Item Number
SABRE Red MK-3 Crossfire Stream 52CFT10
SABRE Red MK-4 Crossfire Stream 52CFT30
SABRE Red MK-3 Crossfire Gel 52CFT10-G
SABRE Red MK-4 Crossfire Gel 52CFT30-G




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