RP Sports – All-In Garment Bundle

RP Sports

RecoveryBoots® are available in 4 custom sizes and extra width for perfect adaptation to the different physical characteristics of each user. RecoveryBoots® is easy to use and easy-to-clean, portable, durable and delivers the most effective therapy in the market.

Impact Pants
Combining the best features of the RecoveryCore® and our RecoveryBoots®, the IMPACT Pants give 360º clinical compression from the sole of the foot, up through your lower extremities, glutes, hip flexors, groin, lower back & abdomen.

Mini Boots
The RecoveryPump® Mini Boots offer sequential, pneumatic compression therapy from the bottom of your foot up the entire calf.

This garment delivers 360° bilateral compression from the upper leg to the lower back/abdomen in a sequential cycle. Adjustable sizing with 3 zippers on both sides of the garment to fit virtually any size athlete.

RP Half-Jacket®
The Half Jacket provides compression from the hand to the shoulder/peck. This unilateral garment is fully adjustable for a custom fit. Includes an arm fastener that allows for adjustable angles of the arm during treatment.

For the individual treatment of either right or left arm, this garment compresses from the hand to the shoulder and includes a secure, adjustable arm strap.




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