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Rocksmith Precision

The Closer is designed to use approximately 110 grams of Composition C4 high explosive stamped from an M112 Demolition Block. The explosive is contained within a cylinder that is surrounded by water. A conical cavity is maintained in the water using a thin-walled plastic cone. Upon detonation of the explosive, the water is propelled into the connical cavity, thus producing a high-velocity water jet in the opposite direction (much like a typical shaped charge.

  • Fully Loaded Weight: 2.7 lb. (1234 grams)
  • Empty Weight: 0.86 lb. (390 grams)
  • Explosive Weight: 0.24 lb. (110 grams)
  • Water Volume: 25.0 oz. (0.73 liters)
  • Explosive type: Composition C4 (punched from a M112 Demolition Block)
  • Penetration: >1” mild steel at zero standoff
  • Bulk Jet Velocity (working jet) ~13,000 ft/sec (4km/s)
  • Tested Storage Temperature: 200°F for 12 hours (without C4)
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