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The Dive-Trak Pro is the next generation in diver marking and relocation equipment. Using the latest in underwater acoustic technology, the Dive-Trak Pro allows divers to mark targets underwater and relocate them up to 750 meters (2250ft) away. It uses a coded based system that provides range and bearing to the marked target. Using this approach, a diver can accurately relocate an underwater target within 1 meter (3ft) with a minimum amount of bottom time. The Dive-Trak Pro consists of two components. The ATT-400 Acoustic Target Transponder, which is used to mark underwater targets, and the DTI-300 Diver Transponder Interrogator, which navigates the diver to the marked location. The ATT-400 is a small, self contained, acoustic transponder that activates once it is placed in the water where it remains covertly activated for up to 6 months. The ATT-400 can be program to operate on eight (8) different channels. The DTI-300 is ergonomically designed to be operated by a diver. A color LCD display provides navigation data to the diver while sealed switches allow the diver access to control functions of the unit. Once an ATT-400 has been interrogated, the DTI-300 provides accurate range and bearing to the transponder.

Model Item Number
Diver Transponder Interrogator DTI-300
Acoustic Target Transponder ATT-400





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