RF Concepts – UHF SATCOM Diplexer

This diplexer allows simultaneous use of two UHF SATCOM Transceivers (200 Watts per channel) with one antenna. No TX/RX switching, isolation between TX & RX bands takes place through custom filters ensuring compatibility with all of the fast switching communication modes. Ability to power the unit through local power connection or through the Radio 1 RF Connector via a Bias “T” circuit (9-28 VDC input). Great for use on Maritime Craft, Vehicles, Base Stations and other platforms that are limited for antenna space.

  • Built in 27 dB Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) per channel
  • Custom Waterproof Enclosure with three N-type RF Female Connections
  • One MS-3112E8-2P Power Connector
  • One 3-position Power Switch w/ LED Power Indicator
  • Frequency Range 243-270 MHz Receive, 292-318 MHz Transmit.
  • Three modes of operation:
  • – Off
  • – Radio One Only (bypass the combiner and the LNA is on)
  • – Radio One and Two (normal two radio operation).
  • Two Versions:
  • -RF-TSD-243-318V2, enhanced model with lower TX loss and higher RX signal to noise ratio in dual radio mode, Size: 8.35” W x 15.4”L x 6.875”H, Weight: <25 lbs
  • -RF-TSD-243-318V3, standard model, Size: 8.35” W x 15.4”L x 5.25”H, Weight: 18.75 lbs
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UHF SATCOM Diplexer – Version 2 RF-TSD-243-318V2
UHF SATCOM Diplexer – Version 3 RF-TSD-243-318V3





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