Raytheon – ELCAN – Specter DR™ 1.5-6x Dual Role Weapon Sight

Raytheon - ELCAN

The SpecterDR™ dual role weapon sight by ELCAN is a Dual-Field-of-View (DFOV) sight providing both close quarter and precision fire ranged capability in a single package. Whether utilizing the red dot in 1.5x magnification or the ranging reticle in 6x mode, the SpecterDR™ dual role weapon sight provides ultra-wide viewing angles for optimal situational awareness and unmatched low-light performance.

The 1.5x field-of-view provides a 16° viewing angle and an extremely fast, “both eyes open” target acquisition capability. The second field-of-view provides a 6x-magnified sight with a field-of-view of 4°, a range compensating reticle, long-range target identification, and precision marksmanship capability. The magnification of the SpecterDR™ dual role weapon sight by ELCAN switches easily and quickly using a lever mounted on the side of the optical housing.

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Model Item Number
SpecterDR™ 1.5-6x -0.50 cal 903377-001 (SU-230B/PVS)
SpecterDR™ 1.5-6x -5.56mm 903377-002 (SU-230B/PVS)
SpecterDR™ 1.5-6x- 7.62mm 903377-003 (SU-230B/PVS)




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