QinetiQ EARS SWATS Shoulder-Worn Acoustic Targeting System
QinetiQ EARS SWATS Shoulder-Worn Acoustic Targeting System
QinetiQ EARS SWATS Shoulder-Worn Acoustic Targeting System

QinetiQ – EARS® SWATS® Shoulder-Worn Acoustic Targeting System


EARS® SWATS® is a compact, shoulder-worn acoustic targeting system that detects, locates and displays hostile shooter location in less than a quarter of a second. This system provides situational awareness, protection and enhances survival to those who need to quickly locate and respond to enemy threats.

Developed as a man-wearable solution, SWATS accurately detects gunfire and determines the threats point of origin. SWATS is the smallest, lightest, lowest-power gunshot detector available. With more than 19,500 units shipped to 12 nations, SWATS has been combat-tested and field-proven in Iraq, Afghanistan, France, Germany, Australia and South Korea and in homeland security missions. SWATS is proven to perform accurately in urban, mountainous and open terrain and does not false alarm or respond to nearby friendly fire. Equipped with numerous features, SWATS is manufactured using the highest quality standards.


  • Instantly detects and locates gunshot
  • Protects and increases survivability
  • Compact and lightweightAccurate and effective
  • Combat and field proven
  • Operates in mountainous, urban and open terrain
  • Built-in GPS location and timing
  • Low power requirement
  • Intuitive operation
  • Alerts made with audible voice announcement
  • Hands-free voice alert and graphical threat display
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