Prox Dynamics – PD-100 Personal Soldier Borne Reconnaissance System

Prox Dynamics

Prox Dynamics and ADS have teamed together to provide a game changing capability to war fighter, law enforcement, and emergency response agencies using agile contracts. The PD-100 Soldier Borne System is a pocket sized system that provides real-time live motion video back to the operator. This allows the operator to get situational awareness from a safe distance. In the battlefield, this system provides today's networked warrior immediate situational awareness to successfully execute dismounted operations.

The PD-100 Soldier Borne Sensor (SBS) is a complete nano UAS consisting of two nano helicopters, base station, controller, display unit and pouch. Total system weight is 1.3 kg. The system is delivered in a waterproof hard transport case.

Nano Air Vehicles

The Black Hornet nano air vehicles are inherently safe and pose virtually no risk to other air vehicles or personnel, allowing the system to be operated almost anywhere at any time without prior airspace coordination. The Black Hornet's low signature makes it virtually inaudible and invisible beyond short distances.

Base Station

The base station houses the two nano air vehicles, and contains all necessary functions to plan, execute and analyse missions. All mission data is stored in real time on the base station. Internal rechargeable batteries supply power to the external display and recharge the nano air vehicles. The base station also contains the detachable single hand controller.

Display Options

Prox Dynamics offers a lightweight daylight readable display for the Black Hornet. The high quality 7 inch screen allows

information to be shared between users in all environments. In addition, external head mounted display options can be used.

Print Model Print Item Number
PD-100 PRS – Black Hornet P002000




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