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The War Fighter Bundle v7 is comprised of the Deployment Trauma Kit 2 and the Shield Trauma Kit. The original patented design of the Deployment Series fits easily and securely behind an operator’s ballistic plates. This innovative under armor design reduces ergonomic issues identified by overburdened warfighters. The Shield Trauma Kit is a versatile pocket-sized kit that can be worn in a variety of applications.  Proven in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Phokus Trauma Kit is engineered to be durable, lightweight and efficient during trauma treatment. From the full-sized Vehicle Series to the pocket-sized Shield Series, Phokus Trauma Kits are battle tested innovations that increase survivability.

  • Material: Medical Grade Vinyl
  • Size: 9×11 Inches, 3/4 Inches Thick
  • Weight: 9.4 Ounces
  • Includes: Combat Gauze®, Z-Fold Gauze (2), Elastic Bandage, Occlusive Dressing, 14G Needle, NPA w/550, TCCC Card, Nitrile Gloves & Sharpie
Model Item #
War Fighter Bundle v7 WFB-7






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