Panakeia – SAROS Oxygen System


The SAROS Oxygen System is replacing oxygen cylinders and large oxygen generation equipment used in field hospitals, casualty evacuation, en route care, and on the battlefield. SAROS consistently maintains an Fi02 by adjusting to a patient’s respiratory rate. Increased oxygen demands that often occur as part of a patient’s medical treatment are automatically adjusted with the autoSAT system. This improved technology triumphs over conventional oxygen systems because it can penetrate dangerous battlefield areas.
SAROS is Airworthiness Certified for use aboard all MEDEVAC Blackhawk UH-60L/M Helicopters.

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Model Item Number
SAROS Oxygen System 9400
SAROS Battery 9723-SEQ
SAROS AC Power Adapter 9726-SEQ
AC Power Cord (NEMA) 3588-SEQ
SAROS HEPA Filter 9765-SEQ
SAROS Carring Strap 9380-SEQ
Mesh Particle Inlet Filter 9798-SEQ
SAROS 24-Volt DC Cable 9727-SEQ
9 VDC Battery 9257-SEQ
Technical Manual 9705-SEQ
Cannula 7′ 5408-SEQ




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