IntuBrite's “pistol-gripped” , ergonomically designed handles offer the perfect combination of ease of use and stability. Billeted out of solid aluminum, these handles feature a lifetime warranty. IntuBrite's premium handles are available in 3 custom styles to meet the demands of any intubation.

  • E-MAX Handle (Large Curved): IntuBrite has completely redesigned the laryngoscope handle in order to deliver a better lift angle, a more positive gripping surface, a more reliable and substantially longer life power cell, and a precision driving circuit for the dual-LED blade set-up.
  • E-FLEX Handle (Small Curved): Originally designed as a pediatric handle, many practitioners prefer the control they feel and leverage attained with the E-flex handle while attending to both children and adults. The E-flex offers a slightly shorter handle with deeper finger grips. The gentle arc in the handle provides a perfect angle for proper technique and mandible lift. The top thumb groove allows for a lighter grip and greater control while attending to patients.
  • E-CLASSIC Handle (Straight): The E-Classic handle retains our signature “pistol” finger grips and adds a subtler angle for an ergonomic mandible lift in a more familiar design.
Model Item Number
Intubrite Premium Handles – Large Curved 1000
Intubrite Premium Handles – Small Curved 1010
Intubrite Premium Handles – Straight 1012


Products are available for DOD, Federal, State and Local Government Agency ordering.
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