Safran Optics 1- COTI MONOCULAR

Safran Optics 1

The Optics 1 Clip On Thermal Imager (COTI) attaches to most I2 devices and provides a thermal image overlay for enhanced situational awareness. Standard PVS-7,14,15, 18, and 23 night vision goggles can easily be upgraded to provide both I2 and thermal information in one unit. The COTI weighs 5 ounces with a single A123 battery and can operate for 3.5 hours. If the optional battery pack is used, an additional 8.5 hours of operating time is possible. The COTI provides a 20 degree field of view and a detection range through all environments of better than 500M. The system can be set for full thermal, patrol, or outline mode and it also can display both white hot and black hot polarity. Also available are selectable environmental modes optimized for rain, desert, arctic, urban, and jungle operation. The COTI can be used as a thermal handheld using the eyepiece accessory and a 2X digital zoom is available. An optional picatinny weapon mount adaptor can also be provided to add thermal capability to standard night sights. The COTI has been tested to MIL-STD-810 and has been proven in theatre by our troops.


Model Item Number
COTI Picatinny Mounting Bracket, Various Weapon Sights 12712-3104-01
COTI Eyepiece Adaptor 12712-3014
COTI Auxiliary Battery Pack Kit 12712-3113
COTI Mounting Bracket, Various NVG 12712-3104-00




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