NOVO DR – 3D Arc


For the first time in the history of Digital Radiography (DR) a portable, lightweight 3D system has been developed, the NOVO DR 3D Arc. This development increases the ease, safety, and effectiveness of counter-IED missions for civil and military operators.

The 3D Arc provides precise location and exact measurements for safer IED disruption and manual entry. The NOVO software allows the system to calculate the 3-Dimensional (X, Y and Z axis) distance of two known objects in the image and the distance between an object and a specific point on the Detector. These 3-Dimensional measurements are incredibly accurate to 1/16 inch.

The 3D Arc system is easy to set up, with just a few short and intuitive steps. The positioning of the system can be done using the lasers on the side of the 3D Arc. They provide the best placement possible for the 3D Arc so the software can work optimally and provide higher measurement precision. The system works both wired and wirelessly. Once it is ready to fire, the system will automatically take multiple images, can provide 3D imaging and measurements immediately with the first two images taken.

The beauty of the system design is that it allows for previous generation systems to be able to perform this unique function only by adding the special hardware to move the X-Ray source and of course the new 3D software.

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