Nomad GCS – Tactical Command Vehicle (TCV)

Nomad GCS

Traditional command vehicles are not always suited to challenging environments. Add the problems of disparate components, sluggish deployment, and the need for specially-trained operators, and the “bigger is better” mindset begs rethinking. Enter the Tactical Command Vehicle (TCV), the best-connected, most capable mobile operations platform in the world. The ideology is simple: Eliminate complexity, create no separate systems. This fully-integrated platform has proven successful in defence, public safety, UAS, utility, telecom, and other applications worldwide. It’s spawned a line of solutions, including the TCV-X with its larger work shelter, and the TCV-Max with the large shelter mated to a double-cab chassis for even more flexibility. Add the fast-deploy Tactical Communications Trailer (TCT) and you have a dynamic team of high performers ready to serve anywhere, at any time. Get to where you’re needed, deploy faster, serve more effectively.

The Tactical Command Vehicle (TCV) platform from Nomad GCS consists of multiple, full-customizable base models to suit any mission.

1. TCV: Crew cab, compact command shelter
2. TCV-X: Standard cab, expanded command shelter
3. TCV-Max: Crew cab, expanded command shelter

TCV – GAME CHANGER – In 2005, the Bureau of Indian Affairs needed a fast-deploy mobile command solution to serve millions of remote acres. What started as a collaborative napkin sketch evolved into a platform that now serves organizations of all types in need of strength, connectivity, and on-the-move operations.

TCV-X – GIVE ME SHELTER – The Nomad TCV-X puts the technical performance and off-pavement prowess of the original TCV on a longer single cab chassis, for missions requiring a less on-the-move workspace. The command shelter is larger, and configurable with up to four ergonomic workstations, plus additional seating.

TCV-MAX – THE BOSS – Looking for maximum on-the-move and command shelter workspace? TCV-Max answers the call. Available options add high ground clearance, heavy-duty rolling gear, additional configurable storage space, exterior attachment points, and more. When you need efficiency en-route and on the scene, Max has your back.

All three models provide unsurpassed scalability, versatility and adaptability to C4ISR operations. Developed with the input of our trusted customers, team members and suppliers around the country, the TCV platform was painstakingly designed to overcome the inherent weaknesses in existing automobile, SUV and cargo van C3/C4 vehicle systems.

Featuring a revolutionary combination of On-The-Move-Workstations, a Collaborative Command Modules, Advanced Technology Team Briefing Resources, and Vibration Isolated HVAC controlled 42U electronics shelter, the 4×4 diesel TCV with 17,000lb towing capacity sets the standard in a single resource, all-conditions and all-terrain C4ISR platforms.

Engineered to deliver a ‘no-compromises' suite of C4ISR tools, including advanced voice, video and data communications on the move and while stationary, the TCV platform provides a modular, mission-driven suite of communication package options, including multiple redundant secure Internet connectivity solutions (terrestrial/MESH/microwave/cellular/satellite), integrated IP to RF interoperability modules, integrated audio and video surveillance modules, and advanced data routing and switching tools.


  • Multiple connectivity solutions, including on-the-move satellite
  • Interoperable voice, video, and data systems
  • Off-pavement and off-grid capable for the most challenging operations
  • Deploys quickly and safely by anyone, with minimal training
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