Minelab – F3L Humanitarian Demining and UXO Metal Detector

Minelab WM Industries

The MineLab F3L / F3L UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) is the leading handheld detector to locate surface/deep buried high and low-metallic mines, weapons caches, UXO, and IED components. Numerous metal detector evaluation conducted by the United States Government and non-governmental organizations have consistently demonstrated the F3L / F3L UXO has the highest detection and lowest false alarm rates. The F3L / F3L UXO’s industry leading pulse induction Bi-Polar Multi-Period Sensing and Ground Balance technologies enable the detector to maintain the highest metal detection sensitivity while eliminating false alarms due to mineralized soils (i.e. magnetic or lateritic). The detector’s one-piece design is Minelab’s most rugged and durable form factor designed to withstand the harshest operating environments. Almost all detectors perform well in dry, sandy soil but the F3L / F3L UXO simply performs the best in the most challenging soil conditions.

  • Bi-Polar Multi-Period Sensing Enables High Sensitivity for Very Low-Metal Target Detection
  • World-Renowned Ground Balance To Eliminate Spurious Alarms Caused by Mineralized Soils
  • Unique Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal Tones to Differentiate Metal Objects
  • Fast and Accurate Target Pinpointing to Rapidly Identify Objects of Interest
  • Detachable Battery Pack to Reduce Operator Fatigue
  • Simplified Repair and Maintenance Process to Limit Operational Down Time
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